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Wokmaster Randwick was founded by Mr Jono Soo on 2004. Since the beginning Wokmaster has provided an affoadable price with cleanness and authentic chinese cuisine.

Management Team profiles

Mr Soo has extensive experience as restauranteur. Food tasting is one of his interest. He often involved and create a new dishes.. His role is to provide supports, training and human resource development.


Wokmaster is looking for partner franchisees to help us grow together and share our goals. We are looking for people with a commitment to
customer service, and with retail and management experience.

Wokmaster is committed to delivering the very best support to all
franchisees, including:

  • A proven fast growing business system
  • Design and project management assistance in opening a new store
  • Comprehensive training both before and after store opening
  • Extensive national and local marketing
  • Supports, Recruitment and training of authentic, experienced chefs

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